Platform - Kolbe Cole for State Representative


Your zip code should not determine your quality of education.

Pennsylvania is ranked 44th nationally in terms of state education funding, despite being ranked 8th in terms of tax revenue.

We must invest in our youth - we expect them to be tomorrow’s leaders, yet we do not set up them for success. Our educators are the only thing between our youth and their adult lives - why are we not doing everything we can to support them?

One of the many reasons I am running for office is because of non-sense like the way our Districts are drawn. District 10 is the definition of gerrymandering. I believe that every citizen in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - and the United States of America - deserves accurate and fair representation.

The people of District 10 deserve to be happy and healthy. Every person should have a sustainable job and be able to feel proud of the work that they do without living in constant fear of not being able to make ends meet. 

We must work together for the safety and security of all of our families, friends, and loved ones.

Ending discrimination will not happen overnight, but we can move forward and take steps to prevent our citizens from facing systemic discrimination for their ethnicity, gender identity, choice of religion, or their sexual orientation.

Agriculture is essential to District 10 - and our entire nation - but many youth do not understand the importance of it. 

I would work to create a mentorship program for youth and young adults that are interested in or passionate about farming to work directly with farmers in our District.

There are farmers that may not have a family heir to take over their farm, and there is youth in Pennsylvania that are interested in agriculture that not born into a farming family.

We could bring these two groups together and keep our local farms alive and well for many years to come.

Pennsylvania should have automatic voter registration. There are currently 18 states - plus the District of Columbia - that have automatic registration. Every citizen in PA, upon reaching 18 years of age, should be registered to vote automatically.

Also, check out the Voting Myths & Facts section on my website. I assure you, this sort of education is only the beginning of my plans to educate our citizens.

I support green energy sources - such as hydro, solar, and wind power - and nuclear energy. We have to recognize nuclear energy is incredibly clean compared to coal and oil, and also much safer than it used to be.

I would also support the re-purposing of coal plants and well sites into other forms of energy farms. This would include a retraining program that would allow workers to transition to a different form of energy so that they would not be out of work if their well, plant, or rig shut down.

I oppose "for-profit" healthcare. I believe that everyone should have access to routine visits, affordable prescriptions, and necessary medical care. I would support any legislation that helped in my mission to lower the cost of living for individuals, especially medical expenses.

I would fight for healthcare workers in Pennsylvania to ensure they receive better pay, proper protective equipment, hazard pay when necessary, and mandatory recovery time. There is not a nursing shortage in Pennsylvania - there is a staffing problem.

We won't fix that by allowing more people to become RNs - you will fix it by paying people better and having them work less overtime.

I do not believe that any politician has the right to tell a woman what to do with their body. We need more women representing us who will fight to support other women, including paid maternity leave and access to necessary routine healthcare.


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  • Liam Bull
    commented 2020-06-27 14:34:29 -0400
    I’m curious as to your stance on Medicare for All. The section on healthcare is a bit vague.