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Sustainable Jobs, Fair Wages, & Good Health

As it stands, there are Americans that barely survive on the wages they make. I believe in living within your means, but for some individuals, this is just not possible.

Short Term Plan

  • Raise the minimum wage 

Every single human deserves a living wage. We shouldn't need to raise the minimum wage - but we do. 

Careful consideration must be taken when raising the minimum wages. We do not want to put people out of work, nor do we want small businesses to close. I believe the best way to implement this change is incrementally, and to put measures in place that would stop price gouging on basic human necessities.

Long Term Plan

  • Fight to lower the cost of living

I would propose legislating that imposed limits on the cost of basic human necessities. This would include medical care, the price of food, and the cost of rental housing.

This is the problem: if we stop forcing people to continue to pay more and more to be alive, we would not even need to be increasing the minimum wage in the first place. And, in addition to increased wages, we also have an increased need for housing assistance. If we reduced the need to provide assistance, we would be able to shift the tax burden from some of these programs and use it to provide funding that is needed elsewhere.

There are many layers to this issue that we can resolve by fighting to stop the price gouging on medical care, food, and rent.

  • Bring balance between wages and the cost of living

If we reduce the cost of basic human necessities, we can increase the standard of living for everyone.

And, when people have a little extra spending money in their pocket - they spend it. This would inject life into our local economies and encourage people to shop locally. People want to support their local businesses - they are just forced to search for the cheapest available options at Amazon and Wal-mart. We can change that!

Bottom Line

All citizens, regardless of profession, should be able to afford to live with their significant other or friends without being forced to work themselves to the bone. 

We need sustainability for our families to be healthy and our communities to thrive. I want people to be proud to live here - not want to move away to find a better life.

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