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Cooperative Elective Programs

As your state representative, I would propose an opportunity for youth all throughout Beaver, Butler, and Lawrence Counties. I would work with school districts throughout the counties to develop coalitions, allowing them to cooperate with one another with elective programs.

Many of our public schools have great programs that others do not have. Some school districts even have one-of-a-kind educators with a skillset that deserves to serve more youth. 

I want to encourage our school districts to become cooperative because I believe that is what is best for our youth. And, I believe this will help us achieve our goal of developing youth for the workforce. 

By working together, we can make all of our education programs stronger. We can give our youth the best opportunities that they could have, and prepare them for life in the 21st century like never before.

Reduce Standardize Testing

There are many ways to measure success in our public schools. Standardized testing should not be the golden rule.

We need to focus less on standardized testing and more on developing our youth. We should be preparing our youth for the workforce, not basing their worth on test scores. 

Standardized testing places a huge burden on our public schools. Since our schools rely on test scores to secure funding, our teachers are forced to teach to these tests instead of encouraging our students to broaden their interests.

We should be encouraging our youth to engage in critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

If we stop treating our youth like a number on paper and start treating them like people, we can help them develop into functioning members of our communities.

Charter School Funding Allocation Reform

We need to re-evaluate the way that public school funding is distributed to charter schools to make it fairer for all public schools. Every public school needs to have adequate funding to ensure all our youth are receiving a quality education.

Promote All Career Paths - Not Just College

We need to eliminate the stigmas of vocational and technical schools and push our youth to pursue the careers that they want to pursue. 

There are many youths in our communities that are talented, intelligent, and passionate. We need to allow them to put their passions towards the career that they want. We should be helping cultivate them to become functional members of our economy and society by introducing the many options that are available to them.

Nationwide, only about 6% of high school students are being enrolled in vocational programs. For those that start college, fewer than 60% attain a degree within 6 years of enrolling, and fewer than 32% graduate from open-admission schools.

Not only do many not finish college, but the ones that do face even greater issues. The underemployment rate for graduates is almost 44% and over 33% of those who do find a job are not employed in a field that they majored in. 

Our youth often pursue college because they feel as though they have to - not because it is the right investment for them. 

We must build awareness of alternative career paths, vocational programs, training programs, and more.

We Are Stronger Together

With your help, we can make all of these plans a reality.

But I can't do it alone.

A successful campaign is only as strong as the people supporting it. My campaign needs your support.

There Are Multiple Ways You Can Offer Your Support


Every single dollar we raise goes directly towards funding my campaign. This helps us purchase high-quality, union-printed campaign materials, build awareness through outreach, and cover the many administrative costs of a campaign.

You can also purchase campaign swag on my campaign store to help me raise funds!.


Team Kolbe is growing every day, but we can never have too many volunteers. We need volunteers to help make phone calls, conduct social media outreach, fundraise, and - when it is safe to do so - knock on doors in our communities.

Yard Signs

By placing a Kolbe Cole Sign in your yard or at your business, you are providing a huge advertising opportunity for my campaign. This will help spread the word and build awareness of the campaign.

Voting on June 2nd and November 3rd

Last but not least, VOTING is what will ultimately win this campaign. If you are not registered to vote, you can register in a matter of minutes. You can also vote by mail in Pennsylvania if you work long shifts or have other reasons that may prevent you from getting to the polls on election day.

Exercising your right to vote has never been easier or more important.


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