2nd Amendment - Kolbe Cole for State Representative

2nd Amendment

The conversation on gun rights has been handled the wrong way. The only way to make actual progress with this issue is by having a true bi-partisan discussion with both sides of the table.

It’s always one extreme or the other - I believe that the answer is somewhere in the middle.

I am a licensed gun owner. I don’t believe that punishing responsible gun ownership will benefit us. There are many different factors we need to consider - mental health, ease of access, background checks, preventable instances of gun violence, and much more.

In the coming months, I will be having many conversations about this subject with the residents of District 10 to discuss some of my ideas that I believe willhelp our nation move forward without damaging our identity, culture, and history. There is an answer out there - we just have to work together to find it.

It is not about who is right - it’s about what is right.

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  • Jacob Charles
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